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August 2009

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Suppose it is...?

And here I go again creating another Livejournal. This is my third one just to let you know. But as for this one, I"m going to actually make an attempt to USE it. I'm guessing that I'll use it for the usual Livejournal usuals: icons.

So while I post these icons and tutorials of mine, I'm going to learn how to create a LJ layout, because this honestly is not what I'm looking for. I'm also hopeless at following LJ tutorials, but I will learn how to make the layouts.

So shall I post the first tutorial? Might not look like it, but that's Baby V. XD

ft. Vanessa Hudgens

Want to go from:

to —>

Step 1.
After you’ve cropped your image, duplicate it and set it to screen. Change Opacity as needed. I set mine to 67%.

Step 2.
With the duplicated image selected, go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation -> and set it so that the colors are vivid.

Step 3.
Okay, next, time for Selective Coloring. The settings for mine are:

Red: -94 | 0 | +88 | 0
Yellow: -88 | 0 | +82 | 0
Nuetrals: +76 | 0 | -79 | -32

Change as needed, we want your icon to look great!

Step 4.
I added a brush and a texture for this one. If you guys want a similar effect check out:

Dotted Brush Effect [ click ]



Texture [ click ]



I used the brush just around Vanessa, and I set up the texture and erased bits of it to get it like I did (put the center in the upper left corner, and set to Color Dodge).

Step 5.
Just to make Vanessa more visible, duplicate your base layer and bring it to the top. Set it to Hard Light 71%.

Step 6.
Ok, now for the text, using a Sans Serif or a professional font (I’m using Walkway Rounded) and did two text layers, one saying ‘vanessa’ and the other ‘hudgens’. I’m assuming you know how to set up the text like I did.

Tada! You like your icon? Let me know if this tutorial helped your icon nicely XD

Other icons made with this tutorial:

These icons look very different, but that’s how they came out with this tutorial!